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Edelman carries products from over 200 brands. From hand-made architectural hardware to the latest high-tech kitchen appliances, you will enjoy luxury products from around the world. 

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For over 60 years, Edelman has specialized in providing an outstanding experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations - for service, for selection, for product quality and performance. 

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Our showrooms are among the best in the world. Explore an unparalleled selection of products. Experience our working displays. Discover the beautiful and functional pieces that will turn your dream into a reality.   

The Edelman Story

Alan Edelman, founder of Edelman, marveled at how his life turned out: “In 1943, I was in Siberia as a ‘guest’ of Stalin; my family and millions of peasants were starving to death. I could not have imagined that I would be feeding 600 people on the 50th anniversary celebration of my business.” Were it not for his great optimism and strong will, Edelman would not be here today.

Alan Edelman stands before his first storefront in 1953.
Alan Edelman stands before his first store front in 1953

After World War II, Alan immigrated to the United States. He worked tirelessly and for little pay in the New York garment industry until he met his soon-to-be wife. Together they moved to Cleveland to be closer to her family. With his father-in-law’s help, Alan began selling plumbing supplies out of a step van. Soon after, he opened his first warehouse on the west side of Cleveland.

Alan grew his company by tapping into the same tenacity that had ensured his survival in Siberia. He cultivated a talented staff and worked tirelessly to provide the best possible service. In 1976, Sheldon Edelman joined his father and brought with him a vision of destination showrooms featuring the finest in luxury plumbing for kitchen and bath. Traveling to New York or Chicago in search of elegant fixtures quickly became a thing of the past for Clevelanders as Sheldon executed his vision.

In the last decade, Edelman has expanded into appliances, architectural hardware, windows and doors. We continue to search the world for first-class companies with innovative designs, superior quality and impeccable customer service. Our goal is to help build your dream living space by providing the very best selection of products and ensuring that your projects execute flawlessly.

Today, Sheldon Edelman runs the business with his father and his three children, David, Dan and Rachel, and a team of extraordinary individuals committed to excellence.